Baked Krumbs - Key Shifters

Project Description

Baked Krumbs is a start-up company based in the Philippines. They are focused on marketing and distributing their products through online shops and social media platforms. 

Key Shifters worked with Baked Krumbs to help in building their brand through logo designing, social media marketing and customer service management. We handled their advertisements, tracked results and provided recommendations to further improve reach to their target market. 

In addition, we helped in improving their operations by implementing various strategies 

We continue to work with Baked Krumbs to maintain customer service management, continue improving their reach and helped out on other operational and administrative work.

Project Details

With our collaboration with Baked Krumbs, we were able to:

  • Create and design their logo
  • Started working on their social media platforms, created content planning and build their visibility through advertisements
  • Implemented  customer service management

We were able to create content inline with with the brand Baked Krumbs wants to build. Through our efforts in marketing, we  were able to have new conversions.  We were able to maintain good customer relations as well.

For the next few months, we aim to build a functional eCommerce website for Baked Krumbs, maintain good relationship with their customers as well as establishing new ones through online marketing.